Currin’s Nursery

2908 Eric Street
Willow Spring, NC 27592
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Currin’s Nursery, Inc. is a family-run nursery started and owned by Richard and Emily Currin in 1974. Their daughter, Ruth Currin Holcomb, joined the team in 2005 after receiving her Master of Science degree. Richard continues to head up production along with the husband and wife team of Eddie and Mamie Collins. Ruth heads up sales and marketing.

To control and assure quality, the team at Currin’s Nursery propagates around 75% of their plant material. They are licensed propagators of the Kaleidoscope Abelia (PP#16,988), Radiance Abelia (PP#21929), Crown Jewel Gardenia (PP#19896) and sell many more of the exciting new plants currently available.

They grow high quality containerized trees and shrubs ranging from one gallon to 100 gallon fabric containers. Currin’s Nursery is well known for several plants including several different varieties of abelia, wax myrtles, junipers, and conifers. They are always adding to their list of available plants, so be sure to check their availability often.