Rhodes Nursery

651 Flowers Rd.
Four Oaks, NC 27524
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My family and I began Rhodes Nursery in the early 1980’s as a hobby in order to grow azaleas and other flowers for our home. During this time, we were growing tobacco as our chief crop. As tobacco production was less feasible, the nursery was budding into a “full time” hobby.

In 1999, we retired from tobacco farming and began cultivating Rhodes Nursery into our principal business. During the transition, North Carolina State University became a great source of information and their horticulture short courses provided exceptional education.

Since then, the nursery industry has been an enjoyable and rewarding career for our family. At Rhodes Nursery we grow a variety of woody ornamentals, such as lirope, nandinas and waxmyrtles to name a few. Our sizes vary from 1, 3, 5, and some 15 gallon containers.